Your business’s marketing dollars may be allocated to ads in the phonebook and/or newspaper, direct mail campaigns, coupons, radio,  and TV. All of these methods work, and they certainly have their place in a marketing campaign, but if your business has not put the time and energy into developing a dedicated fan base on Facebook, then you are missing an entire segment of the population.

Why should my business have a Facebook page?

  • – Facebook will provide your company with more visibility online. Facebook users are “active” and they want to see news, photos, giveaways, specials and more from the companies they support. If your Facebook page is non-existent, or you have one and it is outdated, your customers notice.
  • – Facebook allows you to engage with your customers by offering specials, feedback, answering questions and remaining relevant to them. Facebook allows you to become “personal” with your customers which results in their loyalty to your brand.
  • – By establishing a presence on Facebook, potential customers will be able to find you more easily as search engine results take into account a well-maintained Facebook page.
  • – Our behavior, both online and offline, is strongly influenced by our peers. People pay attention to what their friends are doing and if their friend has “liked” your business page, they may too.

So, what are you waiting for? Let LG Creates start building your business today!